as a content curation tool for medical practices as a content curation tool for medical practices is a content curation tool that we have found to be very easy to work with and effective at republishing content quickly and easily.  If your medical practice is working with any type of marketing company, Scoop It will provide a great tier 2 type of link.  For search engine optimization professionals that work in medical niches, the only downside is that the links from this content curation site are what is called no-follow types of links.  No-follow links are not as powerful as a type of link that is do-follow, but across the worldwide web, having all do follow links would be very strange.  The other disadvantage that we have found is that there seems to not be an outgoing RSS feed that is built into this platform.  We re not sure why this is not built in but there are other platforms such as Zapier that you can use to generate an outgoing RSS feed.  This is an example of a nice topic about Medical Schools that we like to show people: Medical Schools topic